La Scala presents The Heavenly Goose Liver & Seafood Dinner Buffet

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Goose liver has always been an exquisite dish for deluxe cuisine lovers. Taking pride in presenting the most splendid French goose liver and seafood, in a playful mix of traditional and innovative dishes to surprise guest, La Scala presents The Heavenly Goose Liver & Seafood Dinner Buffet!

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Thoughtfully crafting the menu from starters to main course, the master chef carefully pair different matching ingredients together, to compliment the distinctive flavor of goose liver. The menu has a gourmet highlight of lobsters, seafood platter, scallop rolls, sashimi, bird’s nest and oysters from different origins which take turn to supply to ensure top quality.

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Starting with the lighter tastes, before we get to the strong ones, the Goose Liver terrine and Goose Liver Mousse Jelly combines cooked goose liver paste with cream into the mousse creating a wondrous silky texture. The adorable mousse cubes are combined with fruits or wine jelly making it a delightful appetizer!

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Proving that simple ingredients can always highlight the uniqueness of Goose liver, the Japanese Steamed Egg in Goose Liver brings out the distinctive oily flavor of goose liver with silky smooth steamed egg.

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Diffusing the aromatic goose oil into the succulent and tender Angus beef which is balanced with the perfect amount of port wine sauce, the Pan Fried Goose Liver with Beef Tenderloin in Port Wine Sauce will send shivers down your spine as you experience an incredible culinary sensation!


This fantastic menu will start on March 1st and will go on until the 30th of April this year.

Prices shown on table below:

La Scala Goose Liver Price

Address: 2/F Royal Plaza Hotel, 193 Prince Edward Road West, Kowloon

Reservations: (852) 2622 6154