La Scala of Royal Plaza Hotel Mango Feast of Five Nations and Bird’s Nest Afternoon Tea Buffet

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As possibly the most consumed fruits in the world, mangoes are an all time favorite for many fruit lovers. Be it the Luzon mango of the Philippines, the Alphonso Mango of India, Australian Mango, Irwin Mango Taiwan or the Daffodil Mango of Thailand, La Scala’s Afternoon Tea Buffet will definitely make your day!


The buffet brings to you an array of mangoes from 5 different nations mentioned before with a range of bird’s nest desserts. The Coconut Pudding with Passion Fruit Jelly, Mango and Bird’s Nest combines the iconic sweetness of Luzon Mango with the aromatic Coconut Pudding, creating these delightful treats!

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The Bird’s Nest and Mango Crepe is a fun bite sized wonder that brings out the unique aromas of the Alphonso Mango. The wonderful mix of textures from the bird’s nest and the crepe will surely having you going back for seconds.

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Using the sturdier texture of the Australian mango to create a contrast with the Baileys mousse, the Salty Caramel baileys Mousse with Mango and Bird’s Nest gives you a fabulous way to experience the sweetness of the Australian Mango.

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The Irwin Mango of Taiwan has a paler taste compared to its brethren, but combining it with e scent of Earl Grey tea and chocolate mousse cake the chef creates a light and airy chocolate taste with a cheerful alluring tea aroma spiced with the mango flavor.

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Lastly the Coconut Mango Dacquoise with Bird’s Nest, the chef brings together the sugary cake with almond, hazelnut and whipped cream with the sharp sour taste of the Daffodil Mango to create a refreshing delight for your palette!


Sashimi and hot dishes are also available in the afternoon tea buffet.


The Mango Feast and Bird’s Nest Afternoon Tea Buffet is available from the 1st of March until the 27th of April 2014 on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays 15:15 – 17:15.

Prices: Adult $240 Child $170 (Subject to 10% service charge)


For reservations you can dial: +852 2622 6154