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With a mission to promote one of nature’s most beautiful jewels, Pearls, to every corner of the world MIKIMOTO works with one of the most famous pop culture icon Hello Kitty to promote pearls to a whole new level to celebrating their 120th anniversary.


Created in 1974, Hello Kitty has been adored by people in different age groups and different cultures. The lovable character has slowly become a timeless idol that continues to grow despite the changing of time. Combining the classic looks of Hello Kitty with MIKIMOTO’s extraordinary craftsmanship; the MIKIMOTO x HELLO KITTY Collection brings out the brands pursuit of perfection ideal to a materialistic level for the world to see and appreciate.


The brand announced this collaboration in their global press conference held in Paris in January 24th this year. The new collection was available exclusively later that month on January 30th, and was announced to be available in other regions such as England, USA, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Singapore later this year in September or October.



Shop 309, 3/F, Times Square, Causeway Bay

Shop 2035, ifc Mall, Central