RADO Esenza Ceramic Touch Fibonacci Diamonds Limited Edition

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At Baselworld 2014, Rado unleashed the “Rado Esenza Ceramic Touch” the first of its kind in watch making. Now the Esenza Ceramic Touch returns with a limited edition with glamour never seen before!


The black high-tech ceramic case is gently curved to give it a sensuous oval shape. The smooth sleek case is scratch-resistant, making it the perfect material to house the 534 individual diamonds that decorate the dial of this new model.


Set in a Fibonacci Spiral, the gem reminds you of an organic pattern similar to those seen in flowers which creates a sort of kaleidoscopic effect fitting for the hands of a lady. The wondrous aesthetics is backed up by an equally impressive interior. With a simple touch and sweep along the side of the case [Left for Hours, Right for Minutes] you can easily adjust the time on the watch.


Each case is made with the monobloc construction, which a sophisticated injection process is carried out under high pressure; it ensures the success of the exquisite ceramic touch technology.

A perfect combination of diamonds and ceramic makes this limited edition piece yet another breakthrough from Rado. This incredible timepiece is limited to only 300 individually numbered piece.