A.T by ATSURO TAYAMA SS2014 Native American

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A.T+by+ATSURO+TAYAMA+Ad+image+1When it comes to Native American, an image consisting of eagle symbols, accessories made of feathers, native national costume patterns as well as a pair of cowboy boots will emerge vividly in the head.

Inspired by these unique native American styles, A.T by ATSURO TAYAMA designed the latest spring summer 2014 Native American Collections where elements of western American prints mix with the chic, avant guard designing concepts to show an unparalled fashion trend.

A.T+by+ATSURO+TAYAMA+Ad+image+2The spring summer collections use black, navy, white, khaki, and cream as basic colors, of which two branches the cold collection with blue, pewter, green and warm collection adding orange and pink are featured. Apart from that, Indian paillette prints are chosen in top design together with feather and Indigenous stripes in shirts and dresses. Even accessories such as scarfs and bags were done with details of Indian style.

An unrestrained sense of feeling is accentuated with the brand’s western cowboy theme, including denim patchwork dress and stripe top that got inspirations from the cowboy. Plus, the light flax fabrics and jacquard weaves and patchwork brings more comfortable sensation.


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