Cuisine Cuisine Presents the Quintessence of Tea Gourmet

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Modern Chinese fine-dining restaurant, Cuisine Cuisine, is dedicated to promoting healthy and well-balanced diets.  The elegant restaurant is proud to introduce a series of nurturing delicacies infused with 8 types of fine Chinese tea, and a tea menu which features 6 premium brewed teas for tea lovers.


The principle of Chinese food therapy lies in conformity with nature and a balanced dietary practice to heal and nurture the body into healthiness and longevity. Tea contains various nutritional elements like amino acids and tea polyphenol which is one of the most beneficial ingredients for health due to its power of detoxifying, heat-clearing and fat-burning.

140226 玉Chilled Oriental Pearls Tea Pudding with Scallops

Not only is tea a nourishing beverage, it is also a versatile cooking ingredient. The Tea Gourmet Menu utilizes this versatile ingredient to create aromatic dishes filled with eastern elements for diners to enjoy. The Chilled “Oriental Pearls” tea Pudding with Scallops is a refreshing dish which is served cold. The detoxifying tea jelly made with Oriental Pearls tea combined with Canadian scallop forms a magnificent combination of western and eastern elements.

140226 紅Pan-fried Boneless Duck Marinated with Monkey-picked Tea and Red Date Sauce

The Pan-fried boneless Duck marinated with “Monkey-Picked” Tea and Red Date Sauce uses the antioxidants in the tea to create a aromatic and hearty dish. The boneless meat lets the diner take satisfyingly large bites without having to worry about picking the piece with the least bones.

140226 Poached Rice with Mini Pumpkin in Pu Erh Tea Soup

Using premium “Pu Erh” Tea, pork, chicken and dried ham to create a healthy and tempting soup, the Poached Rice with Mini Pumpkin in “Pu Erh” Tea Soup is something you definitely won’t want to miss. Served in a mini pumpkin shell filled with dried conpoy, pork floss and assorted mushroom, the dish not only rich in taste, but can also help lower cholesterol and increase metabolic rate!


The limited Tea Gourmet Menu will be available from 1st March until 30th April!


Address: 3101, Podium Level 3, ifc mall, Central, Hong Kong

Phone:+852 2393 3933