STAYREAL X Hello Kitty Co-Brand Debut

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幸運星樂團主視覺(網路使用檔案RGB)After launching the popular Hello Kitty T-shirts in memory of the 40th anniversary of this iconic cartoon image, STAYREAL found her a new friend Mousy, launching a warm-blooded rock band “Co-Band” which is the first cartoon image alliance among Chinese brands.

As a frequenter of STAYREAL, Hello Kitty not only dressed up as Doraemon, Maneki Neko, but also collaborated with brand’s icon Mousy in 2011 when they were standing side by side as close friends. Now authorized by officials and mixed with STAYREAL’s inherent rock DNA, an image alliance involving guitar player Mousy and her cute sweet vocal Hello Kitty appeared on stage. Star eye make up in punk style, black bow knot, full music energy in Rock N Roll, who says cats can’t be friends with a mouse?

幸運星小鼠T 幸運星樂團T

Used in signature Tees, together with baseball caps, bags and cups, Co-Band was featured in two Tees classic trendy one and audacious free one with Mousy pattern cutting on the back for a sexy and magical look, which will be a perfect match along with STAYREAL baseball caps. All new collections can be purchased at STAYREAL retail and online stores from Mar.8.


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