A White Chocolate Rhapsody from the White Valentine’s Specials of Royal Plaza Hotel

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Originated from Japan, White Valentine’s Day is for those who received gifts on Valentine’s Day to return the favor. Usually this token of appreciation comes in the form of sweets and other similar delights.


Royal Place hotel has launched a new series, “White Valentine’s Special”, which uses prestigious white chocolate to symbolize pure love. “Soulful White – Passion Fruit White Chocolate Mousse cake” combines a rich cocoa flavor and spongy cake with silky smooth white chocolate mousse. The refreshing passion fruit not only represents your love to you significant other, but also gives the cake a nice refreshing touch!


“Love Blossom – Raspberry White Chocolate Mousse Cake” on the other hand has a pure flowery theme to it. The raspberry jelly in white chocolate mousse is fully decorated with elaborate white buttercream roses giving out a elegant and innocent impression. Perfect for those who want to return the valentines favor with a romantic touch.


The series also includes some smaller bites like the Raspberry Chocolate Cupcake and the White Chocolate Cupcake. These delicious fun size delights have delicate decorations that can compete with the 2 larger cakes in the series. Suitable for those who want to show their appreciation without overloading their special someone with sugar and cream!


Royal Plaza Cake Shop – White Valentine Specials
Promotion period: 1 – 30 Mar 2014
Order Hotline: (852) 2622 6256
Address: 1/F Royal Plaza Hotel, 193 Prince Edward Road West, Kowloon
*Please place your order at least 3 days in advance for whole cake