La Mod 10th Anniversary Cocktail Party

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06_SamNikiAlexisOpening in 2004, famous Hong Kong salon La Môd has been popular among stars and celebrities with its unique audacious styles that constantly bring freshness and surprises. To celebrate the 10th anniversary, La Môd invited some cooperated stars including Michelle Chen, Niki Chow, Juno Mak, Josie Ho, Vincci Cheuk, and Yumiko Cheng, and designed eye-catching hairstyles under the theme “The Natural World of Beauty” by Creative Director Sam Pan together with renowned dresser Ricky Lau, photographer Paul Tsang and stylist Tang Lai.

A cocktail party was held on the night of Mar. 3 with creator Alexis Yao, Ricky Lau, Paul Tsang, Tang Lai, celebrities, and the La Môd team. Alexis and Sam gave speeches respectively on the “Sam Pan x La Môd Avant-Garde Team Gallery 2014” exhibition, sharing the achievements in these 10 years. All guests toasted to the party.


As La Môd’s new Creative Director, Sam Pan, who specializes in hair lines and lighting effect and always participated in television, magazine, and ads work, is a senior hair stylist with more than 10 years’ experience. This time he and the Avant-Garde team chose “The Natural World of Beauty” as the theme, and designed something unconventional and creative according to each star’s style and temperament. The exhitibs include “Stone▪ Gully” for Michelle Chen, “Water▪Solidification” for Niki Chow, “Ice▪Dissolution” for Josie Ho, “Rock▪Cliff” for Yumiko Cheng, “Wind▪Clouds” for Vincci Cheuk, “Sea▪Dawn” for Lilian Ho, and “Sand▪Storm” for Juno Mak.


Add: Basement, Bonaventure Building, 91 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay