LUX Japanese Super Collections

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Since launching in Japan last August, LUX Japanese Ultimate Collections have become one of the most popular hair care products among Japanese women. To satisfy modern women around the world, the collection is arriving in Hong Kong this month with Hollywood star Nina Dobrev as brand’s ambassador to help the busy Hong Kong ladies solve problems such as rough hairs, split ends, and hair frizz.

Adding new ingredient golden Moroccan nut oils, the new LUX collection guarantees 10 hair problems with one trial, bringing back your shiny hair as well as confidence.

LUX Super Damage Repair


The shampoo and conditioner containing luxury repair recipe feeds nutrition on every hair, promising shiny hair like black diamonds. The nut oils help repair the rough hairs while rose brings about feminine charm.

Super Damage Repair Treatment Jar

The hair mask including there times nut oils covers and repairs every hair. Use three times every week and you’ll have attractive silky hair.

LUX Super Rich Shine

LUX極致閃耀_洗髮乳 LUX極致閃耀_潤髮乳
The shampoos and conditioners of the Rich Shine collection infuses moisture nutrition for your hair, promising shiny light hair like morning dews. With moisture recipes and vitamin E, your hair can be repaired easily and quickly from root to tips.
Purchasing Information:
Available at Manning, Watsons, Shasha on March
Tel: 2892 3110