Calvin Klein Watches and Jewelry 2014

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Stepping into spring, Calvin Klein Watches and jewelry is all about structural layers. The designs take a simplistic yet alluring form filled with energy. The Calvin Klein unexpected is put together with rectangular pieces creating a unique dial.  The long dial of the watch really brings out the slender form of wrist of the ladies!

Calvin Klein unexpected 2 Calvin Klein unexpected

Calvin Klein distinctive is the other watch series for the ladies from Calvin Klein this spring. The oval dials of these watch has a plain yet elegant shape. The intricate interlocking chain has a button to hold it together, similar to those seen in bracelets.

Calvin Klein distinctive


The jewelry series for women, Calvin Klein sumptuous, has a heavy on going theme of layers. The simple spiral designs give each piece a sense of sophistication with a mysterious touch. The pendants use a delicate chain to give a elegant aura highlighting the wearer’s features.

Calvin Klein sumptuous


For the Men’s, Calvin Klein invigorate, is the jewelry series in this collection. The bold black plated steel used on each piece brings out invigorating strength and confidence. The striking contrast between the vibrant steel and the dark suave black plated steel creates sophisticated personality both composed and strong.


Calvin Klein invigorate


Calvin Klein formality


The Men’s watch plays a very classic character in the collection. The Calvin Klein formality, has 6 styles for you to choose from, but all share a classic look. The slim and slender hands of the watch matched with the simple dial face design bring out a extraordinary yet humble aura for the wearer.



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