Hermès Spring Summer 2014 Ties

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Renowned luxury brand Hermès show’s their Spring Summer Ties this year! The collection includes a series of ties and scarves, designed for both formal settings and for casual occasions.


The ties of this collection use a glamorous color palette, ranging from royal blue to an elegant shade of red. The subtle patterns on the ties give a certain sophistication to the ties that keeps you looking back to it. The plain ties made from silk, glistens ever so gracefully under the sun, creating a mysterious attraction.



The scarves of this collection include cotton scarves and silk scarves. The patterns on the scarves are similar to those on the ties in this season wears, but the color combinations gives the scarves interesting contrasts. The soft structure of the scarves rest comfortably around the wearer and are suitable for both formal and casual wear. Worn together with the ties it creates a beautiful contrast between the soft yet structured ties and the unrestricted scarves!


The Lee Gardens Shop 02-04,
33 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay
Hong Kong