Oris 110th Anniversary Limited Edition

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Many times before, Oris has proved to us their standing as one of the world’s most innovative watch brands. This year marks their 110th anniversary, and to celebrate this, Oris is introducing a 10-day power reserve movement with a non-linear power reserve indication to mark the brands 110 years of movement manufacturing.

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The Oris caliber 110 is the first mechanical movement developed by the brand from ground up for 35 years. This is the first time in history a hand wound caliber with 10-day power reserve is seen with a patented non-linear power reserve indication. To tackle this exceptional challenge, the brand’s inhouse watchmakers and designers worked with Swiss technical specialists and with L’Ecole Technique Le Locle for over a 10 year period.

01 110 7700 6081-Set LS HiRes

Unlike many of the movements with comparable power reserves, the Oris caliber 110 uses a single-barrel system. This barrel holds the mainspring which is stretched to 1.8 meters when unraveled. The brand once again proves their worth and knowledge by managing to shrink the mainspring into a single-barrel system.


The whopping 10 day power reserve was not enough to satisfy Oris, and this is why the Oris-patented non-linear power reserve indication was added as a feature for this extraordinary timepiece. Set at the 3 o’clock area of the dial, the indication shows the power reservation from the full amount down to zero.

01 110 7700 4081-Set LS HiRes

At the top of the scale, the notches are much closer together  and the hands move slower in a clockwise direction. The power reserve gets closer to the bottom, the hands move significantly faster as the notches becomes more spread out which gives a clearer indication to the wearer of how much power is still in the watch.


The Oris Calibre 110 is available in 2 styles, the stainless steel edition and the solid 18 carat gold edition. Both styles carry a classic elegant look which fits the brands image perfectly. Each style with have 110 pieces to fit the brands 110th anniversary, and will appear in the Oris 110 Years Limited Edition.



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