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Shibori (“Twisting” in Japanese) is a traditional handicraft where fabric is dipped into dye and the twisted to create an effect similar to those seen in tie-dye patterns. The new SHIBORI Jack Purcell uses the shibori technique with the shoe as the canvas for the patterns.


The new shoe has the classic CONVERSE silhouette that has made their stand in the changing seasons. The unique indigo effects of the shibori contrasted with the blue and white heel, tab and laces makes the show look almost like worn denim.

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Just like tie-dye, even if the piece is tied exactly the same way, the resulting pattern will not be the same. The most spectacular aspect of the SHIBORI Jack Purcell is that through the use of the shibori technique, each show is completely unique in its own way, making these shoes perfect for those who want to show the individuality.


The all new SHIBORI Jack Purcell is available, at the suggested price of HK$699!


Here are some of the places where you can find these unique shoes:

G/F, 67 Fa Yuen St., Mongkok tel: 2333 5055
G/F, 62 Fa Yuen Street, Mong Kok tel: 2388 8687
Shop No 517, Level 5, New Town Plaza, Phase I, Shatin, New Territories tel: 2333-5055
3/F, Sogo, Causeway Bay tel: 2333 5055