Air Max Day: 24 Hours Honoring 27 Years of Greatness

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1987 March 26th, marked the beginning of a revolution that is the Air Max 1, which changed the designs for Nike’s running shoes. 27 years later, the legend has grown spectacularly; the time to look back at the past achievements and celebrate has arrived. To celebrate the 27 years of greatness, a limited edition Air Max 1 will be released to stir a new tradition in this epic journey.

Air Max 3.26-12

For almost 30 years, Nike and ‘air’ has almost become inseparable since the beginning of the Air Max. All this began with Frank Rudy, an aerospace engineer with an ingenious idea. When Rudy visited Nike’s world Headquarters, he gave Phil Knight a pair of running shoes fitted with a prototype Air-Sole Unit, setting the final gear which created history, but all that was long before 1987.

Air Max 3.26-01

After a long period of trial and error, Rudy’s concept was applied to the Air Tailwind in 1978 which sky-rocketed the running industry, but the real impact hit almost a decade later. When fabled footwear designer Tinker Hatfield and then designer (now President & CEO) Mark Parker, turned one of Hatfield’s visions into a prototype which lead to the Air Max 1.

Air Max 3.26-02

Redefined and reimaged on an annual basis, the Air Max branches out to many smaller sorts like Air Max Light, Air Max BW, Air Max 90, Air Max 93, Air Max 95, Air Max 97 and many more! The limited edition Air Max 1 stays in touch with its history and implements some of the modern elements to create a proof of the 27 years of greatness and innovation. The Air Max 1 will be available at the Nike Sportswear Store on March 26th this year.


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