LAB Concept – MO&Co. Spring Collection 2014

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The Spring Collection, titled “Avivid Fusionism”, takes on the themes of re-birth during spring. The collection features looks with an on-the-go layered style, with a modern sporty edger. The energetic color palette combined with the soft silhouettes creates a stress-free contemporary urban lifestyle impression.


Avivid Fusionism, is separated into 5 different styles. The first style, Oriental Reformed, takes the core of the chic French style and combines it with visible through floral designs. The lighter colors of this style create a soothing gentle feel making the wearer appear very approachable.


Dynamic High-Streeter is this collection’s athletic line. Featuring letter tees, energetic neon and metallic leather pieces, this line uses oversized-versus-cropped shapes to create a striking silhouette. The darker colors of this line make the wearer appear cool and non-conforming which fits perfectly with the leather pieces of the collection.


Taking elements from Japanese graphics and bold black, the Modern Ukiyoe line has slim lines with loose silhouettes. The mischievous contrast on each piece creates a playful, spontaneous vibe that is fitting for the wonders of spring.


To create a minimalistic modern feminine look, the Ethnic Digital-Bloom uses washed denim dresses paired with print tees to muster a simple yet striking image. The sheer bomber jackets and handmade lace skirts has a heavy sense of the modern city styles.


Finally, the Ultra-Volume-Vigor, inspired by a carefree attitude, the pieces have a soft loose silhouette which is easy to mix-and-match. Unlike the other lines of this collection, the Ultra-Volume-Vigor brings out a down-to-earth charm that just draws people close.



All of these fabulous pieces are available at LAB Concept at Queensway Plaza in Admiralty.