Escape Your Stress at Picnic with Suntur at Times Square

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TS_Suntur_artist 2Every once in a while, Time Square will surprise us with artistic collaborations with artists to remind us that life in the busy city is not all about work. This time, Time Square collaborates with Thai artist, Yozanun Wuttigonsombutkul (SUNTUR), to create a vibrant imaginative exhibition at their atrium.


Growing up as a child, SUNTUR had developed a love for arts. His endless curiosity led him to bring his surrounding to life through his drawings. His unique style and technique creates characters from things we all love so much. The vibrant color SUNTUR uses on his work reminds us of younger times of our childhood with no worries.

TS_Suntur_teapot and teacup copy_small

The sheer imagination of this art installation will sweep you away from the busy life in Hong Kong, and take you to a land of imagination. The adorable aesthetics of the characters and their bright colors brings us back to our childhood self, when we weren’t restricted with all the rules of society.


So if you’re ever around in Time Square from now until April 21st, take your mind off your worries and immerge yourself in a stress free wonderland!