“Gazing into The Myth” Jayasri Burman’s Solo Exhibition

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“Gazing into the Myth” is a solo exhibition of celebrated Indian artist Jayasri Burman held in the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre. The exhibition was Burman’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong, and it ended on the 23rd of March this year. For those who didn’t know, here’s what you missed!


Her works often features surrealistic, dream-like settings with rich natural elements which surrounds a mythical icon in Hinduism.  In many of her works figures of birds can be seen soaring through the sky which she describes as spreading the notion of freedom and love.


As a child, Burman’s fascination with expressing ideas, began with poetry. Her discovery of colors introduced her to expressing these ideas through art. Burman’s work carries a heavy traditional Indian style, drawing inspiration from Indian mythology and folk tales, her works puts a different perspective of the stories by adding some modern ideas and elements to the old tales.


Burman explains that the idea behind each of her work is to spread the idea of nurturing traditions and the love of arts to the younger generations. Her aim of each piece is to share the joys she experienced as a child with all the cultural festivals that has given her childhood so much color. As our technology advance, many of these traditions are abandoned and it is important to pass down these joys which technology cannot replace.