Constance Jablonski: Hogan Seen By

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119613TD_206X275_SINGLE_PAGE_WOMAN_LOOKNOGRAF@002.pdfIf life is actually, like what people say, is a journey, then travelling around is the destination of my existence.

Nothing in the world can satisfy and constrain me like travel. I like the moment waking up at daybreak, inspirations come to find me, and curiosities flame inside my heart.

In my world, my partner is a suitcase while my loyal friends are clothes, tablet, novels, notebooks and smartphone, which I can count on and set off whenever I want.

To better enjoy the beauty of life and stay confortable and cheerful everywhere, you need to dress the same way as your mood goes: simple, smart, stylish and unrestrained. For me, it’s the little jackets, skinny pants and HOGAN H222 that make me feel at ease whether taking a walk alone on the vintage lane, or drinking and chatting with a couple of close friends.#HOGANSEENBY Costance Jablonski - H222 SS14 (2)

I’ve been hitting all the destinations including Venice, New York, Saint Barth, Paris, London and Hong Kong. It was sunny that day shooting the HOGAN campaing at Venetian Lagoon where my exciting journey took off.

See the world, meet other cultures, live in the moment, this is what being a model exactly means to me. I take pictures everyday, about the emotions of life experience, and the people I meet. I feel very lucky to be out there and still have the opportunity to keep connected with the rest of my world, while living my adventure.


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