Embrace the Sun with IPSA

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You may never imagine the weakness of our skin when exposing under the sun. The ultraviolet rays accelerate skin oxidation, making the fibre weaker, while the environmental pollution damages the stability of the alreay weakened skin.

At this time, you need the new IPSA PROTECTOR SENSITIVE SPF30 PA+++, of which the safe recipe without spice, color and additive even fits the month old. In addition, the exclusive Multi Blocking SE Shield can block the ultraviolet rays thorouly and completly, protecting your skin from air pollution as well as allegy and instability in a gentle and safe way.

Supreme Protector Shield Collection

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With the highest PA index PA++++, PROTECTOR SUN SHIELD can block radiation, preventing melanin and oxidation. With light and soft touch, it offers long-term defense for your skin.

For daily blocking, you can refer to PROTECTOR DAYTIME SHIELD with an SPF of 30. The shield, containing the flexometallic hyaluronic acidlight and fresh, can help increase your skin health when preventing oxidation. Using before putting on make up is doable too.
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