ASH SS14 Women’s Collection

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Inspired by modern internet trends and the fashion movements of broadcasters all over the world, The ASH SS14 Collection takes all the modern social media elements to create a modern woman’s style where you can freely match the items in the collection together to create your own unique impression. The muse of this collection is a contemporary style which allows you to fully explore the many possibilities of mixing the different contrasting styles within the collection to create the one look the suits you.


The style ranges from a rebellious chic look like “Kristen” boots which is embellished with flashy metal decorations giving it a tough look.

Virgin (2)_HKD1450

The “VIRGIN” sneaker has a similar silhouette compared with the Kristen boots. However, instead of the metallic embellishments, the Virgin high top sneaker is decorated with a series of buckles giving it a softer modern look.


The collection holds a lot more than just sneakers. The wedge boots in this collection has uses slick black leather to create a futuristic look which can be used to match with a cool style.


The “Excess” heels has a bold heroic impression, with the metallic stars adorned on the straps it almost reminds you of Wonder Woman!


ASH Hong Kong Concept Store:
Shop OT309, Level 3, Ocean Terminal, Tsim Sha Tsui