mademoiselle Spring/Summer 2014

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mademoiselle Ad Layout - 03Inspired by Art Nouveau, an artistic movement in the 19th century which featured vital energy, waves and sinuous lines with an abundant use of natural elements and later developed into other forms including architecture, furniture, fashion, sculpture and painting in the 20th century, the mademoiselle spring summer 2014 collection showcased picturesque European courtyards where you can promenade as a lady with classical and modern beauty.

To create a dreamlike wonderland, the color pallette of this season is dominated with mint green, nude pink, lemon yellow and baby blue. In addition, metallic grey and silver color are used to send out a feel of across the time like going between the past and the future while red, orange and sapphire blue painted in brush strokes structure a hint of pop art. All are combined with natural elements such as flower, forest and birds.

mademoiselle Ad Layout - 04Techniques like special digital print and floral embroidery as well as romantic elements including lace, flounce, pleats and gauze are employed to illustrate a more delicate and airy style, as seen in the print adapted from the painting of Czech artist Alfons.

In terms of cutting, this collection emphasizes waistline decorations and volume, such as high waist shorts or skirts and chiffon dress with feminine trim waistline.

Offering a romantic warm ambiance, the collection, whether casual or floral, comfy or glamorous, caters for women’s everyday needs while promising unique luxe and elegance.
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