A Unique Timepiece Symbol for Elegance and Grace

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As a symbol of elegance and eternity, diamonds has a special place in a women’s heart. The Sjöö Sandström Lady Extreme Chronograph Φ 37mm takes the irreplaceable stone to surround the unique dial of the watch to create an irresistible air of elegance and nobility.


The simplicity in the design for the Sjöö Sandström Lady Extreme Chronograph Φ 37mm brings a classic element to the watch which matches perfectly with the diamonds used to decorate the case of the watch. The sleek crocodile leather straps of the watch creates a sharp contrast with the stainless steel case brings a certain attraction which highlights the features of the wearer.


969602_316629688468480_527458172_nTake a look at Hong Kong celebrity Karena Ng wearing the Sjöö Sandström Lady Extreme Chronograph Φ 37mm. She explains that the watch mesmerized her the first time she laid eye upon the timepiece; the diamonds bring out a noble and elegant charisma with makes it perfect for formal social events.


The watch can be found at Sjöö Sandström’s Hong Kong retailer Perfect Watch Limited at no.42-52, Nathon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui you can also reach them by phone at: 2368 0668