Artify Gallery x Street Art Fever Presents “Has Art” Solo Exhibition

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Working together with Street Art fever, the gallery brings to us yet again another interesting exhibition that would satisfy our need for art! “When human beings meets nature and poetry”, Artify Gallery’s latest solo exhibition of emerging French graphic artist “HAS ART”, is a sensational street art exhibition that tells unique stories in the style of street art.


Behind each one of Has Art’s work, there is a deeper meaning hidden within the incredible details of the piece. Tackling the conflict between mankind and nature with graphic influences of street art, Has Art creates abstract work with a strong artistic expression.  “Deer Hasart” carefully depicts the harms we do to nature in a serene and peaceful manner.


Many of the pieces in the exhibition also express the artist’s personal experiences and thoughts. One of the most significant work is the “Victory” [banner image], the earthly tones seen in the piece is actually mixed with earth from Has Art’s homeland. By doing this, Has Art has brought to the exhibition part of his heritage. A making-of video was shot especially for this piece, and is played in the exhibition for you to witness the birth of this impressive  artwork!



On one of the walls of the exhibition, Has Art has created a unique piece which brings together his style with some of the lucky elements of our culture. In the center you will see the number 8 in roman digits, this unique combination of eastern and western elements gives the wall a certain attraction that just demands for your attention. To see the majestic wall, all you have to do is pop over to Artify from now until the 20th of April 2014!


The galley will run until April 20th 2014 at Artify gallery.

Address: 10F, Block A, Ming Po Industrial Centre, 18 Ka Yip Street, Chai Wan

Opening Times: Tue – Fri 10am to 7pm; Sat 11am to 7pm; Closed on Sun & Mon