Callixto Spring 2014 Turkish Delights Collection

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Reds turkish friendship braceletFashion brand Callixto, the purveyor of artisan jewellery and accessories from around the world, is proud to announce the first debut store in Hong Kong located at 11 Mee Lun Street, Central to present its vibrant spring 2014 “Turkish Delights” collection.

The new store was named and designed by famous street artist and movie editor Mr. Brainwash, who was born in Paris and grew up in Los Angeles.ottoman macrame BL

Inspired by Turkey, the Turkish Delights collection is diverse and interesting with strong Turkish jewellery style, including some brass and gold-plated pieces made with semi-precious stones and the intricate and elegant Ottoman jewellery. In addition, the collection combines rose gold with black Swarovski for typical Istanbul look while evil eye used in colorful bracelets makes a summer hit.

market seatedFounded by Sasha Dennig, Callixto is like a representative of her and her love of travel, jewellery and all unique trinkets all over the world. This collection, further reflecting her exciting adventures, guarantees to be eye-catching and stylish.


Store Information
Add: 11 Mee Lun Street, Central
Tel: 6316-9551