Amenpapa SS14 Collection “The Power of Tongue”

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Have you ever imagined how powerful the word we say everyday? It’s like a double-edged sword. When we praise others, the organic honey effect works with other people feel nourished and positive. However, on the contrary, when we insult people, even under no awareness, the melamine effect works and we probably have left a scar in their heart that will never be healed.

According to psychologists, eighty percent of our character are formed at age of six of which the major factor in character formation is parental discourse. The power of tongue may account for the different characters between Eastern and Western children where the former become confident thanks to parents’ encouragement in education while the latter feel interior to others with parents’ comparisons in education.

SS-108 SS-444-2

Now that you’ve seen the power of tongue, which is exactly what Amenpapa wants to tell people: “Our tongue is little, but able to boast. Just as a small rudder able to steer a big ship.”

So tame our tongue with Amenpapa’s latest spring summer collection.

Amenpapa classic slogan tee

SS-16-2 SS-373-2
With the theme “tame our tongue”, words telling people “do not” are printed on the shirts, including DO NOT Judge, DO NOT Complain, DO NOT Boast, and DO NOT Gossip.

The Magic Stickers Collection
This collection contains eight cartoon magic stickers’ badges according to personal preferences with each standing for different power of tongue. For instance, the sword badge means “Reckless words pierces like sword” while the fire badge means “You may use your tongue to burn or to light up someone”.


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