Corum 2014 Baselworld Novelties

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This year at Baselworld, Corum launches a number of baselworld novelties including the ‘Admiral’s Cup AC- One 45 Double Tourbillon’, “Admiral’s Cup AC- One 45 Tides’, ‘Admiral’s Cup AC- One 45 Squelette’, the ‘Golden Bridge Automatic in Titanium’, and the ‘Feather Watch’.


The Admiral’s Cup was created in 1960 and redesigned last year in 2013, staying in touch with its original signature codes which earned the model its legendary status, the Admiral’s Cup AC-One 45 double tourbillion is now available in 18k red gold or grade 5 titanium cases. The case stylishly displays a 45mm diameter iconic dial. The sturdiness of this piece equips it with an impressive water resistance up to 300m depth!


The Admiral’s Cup AC-One 45 Tides, is one of sea lovers most significant piece. Reworked with a modern twist, the piece returns 21 years after its launch with a mechanical movement driving indication showing the time and strength of the tides, the lunar cycle as well as the strength of the currents and height of the tieds. This unique sophisticated time piece is a one of a kind in the watchmaking world! Styled to fit the theme of the ocean, the blue dial bears subdials which are designed with more than just function in mind.


The new Admiral’s Cup AC-One 45 Squelette can only be described as a window into the soul of watchmaking. The transparency of the dial immerses the wearer into the heart of the watch showing the sophistication and mesmerizing architecture of the mechanism of the timepiece. At the heart of the grade 5 titanium case, rests the heart of the watch, the automatic Calibur CO 082 beats with an impressive accuracy of 28,800 vph! The timepiece is finished with an elegant black crocodile strap fitted with a grade 5 titanium folding clasp as the finishing touches.


The design for the golden Bridge Automatic in Titanium forges an alliance between gold and titanium. The unique design of the dial gives the piece a certain depth that can be felt by the wearer through the clever designs of the dial. The 18k red gold main bridge runs down the center of the dial highlights the sleek grade 5 titanium  case of the time piece and separates this model from other timepieces visually.


C082_02325_MD_0Lastly, the Feather Watch is adorned with 120 round-cut diamonds which frames the peacock feather used for the dial of this piece. The contemporary design of this model creates aartistic sophistication which was inspired by the plumasserie or ‘feather art’ art movement during the 19th century. Each feather used for the watches are rigorously sorted out for the stability and density before they are cleaned, steam-stabalized and re-cut by hand for the dial. Cased in an 18k red gold case, the aesthetics of the watch has a excellent blend of elegance and virtuosity.


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