‘The Old World’ Galerie Perrotin

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‘THE OLD WORLD’ is the first solo exhibition by the artist duo Elmgreen & Dragset in Hong Kong. The exhibition invites people to appreciate the work of arts and also serves as an elaborate film set. During the course of the exhibition, a film will be shot using the sculptures as protagonists where the story will revolve around! This exhibition will be up until the May 3rd in Galerie Perrotin.


The exhibition materializes the artist’s interest in the dilemma of European historical identity. European styled furniture and houses has always been seen as a sort of elegance and class, many of the furniture we have now are inspired by the old European styles.  The artists take this notion and placed multiple white fireplaces in the exhibition which are purely for decoration to tackle the idea that people’s pursuit of the European style has completely overwritten their need for functionality.


The dark atmosphere of the exhibition brings the audience into a surreal environment. The serenity attracts a chill as if something bad is about to happen. Combined with the style of the sculptures, the exhibition resembles a Hitchcock movie, the constant suspense in Hitchcock films can be experienced in this exhibition.


Atop each fireplace, is a mirror, the fireplaces are mostly placed parallel to one another in the exhibition, creating a surreal effect where the audience will see an infinite number of reflections in the mirror when looking upon it directly. Combined with the atmosphere of the exhibition, this effect creates a sense of isolation and alienation which is not an experience that many exhibitions offer.



20140403_173259_Richtone(HDR)Right next to the ‘dark side’ of the exhibition, there is a small brighter area. The central object of this room is the sculpture ‘He’, a male counterpart to Denmark’s national symbol “The Little Mermaid”. The piece is set to face the skyline of our beautiful city. The blank expression of the sculpture gives out an incredibly lonely impression that rips a hole inside the audiences soul.


The exhibition is a truly unique experience that is very different to the nature and pace of our busy city. Be sure to check it out at Galerie Perrotin!



17/F, Connaught Road, Central, Hong Kong


Tel. +852 3758 2180


Opening Hours:

Tuesdays – Saturdays 11am – 7pm