‘Promise Again for the First Time’ Lin Jing Jing

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de Sarthe Gallery presents to you Beijing based female artists, Lin Jing Jing’s Hong Kong debut exhibition ‘Promise Again for the First Time’. Lin Jing Jing is an eclectic and polyhedral artist who looks deep into human existence and the fabrication of what makes us an individual.  Constantly exploring different mediums, her works have a unique sense of layers which is formed from her creative combinations of different mediums.


‘Promise Again for the First Time’ continues to push audience into thinking about the paradoxical reality and virtual illusions in our everyday life. The motifs of her works are to push the audience’s buttons to doubt promises and question existence arguing about their importance in today’s society.


Many of the works in this exhibition has the faces of the people involved blurred. Cleverly stripping away the silhouette of these people by tracing only the basic contour of their body, Lin Jing Jing generalizes all the characters making them all the same, making us think just what exactly makes each and every one of us unique.


The exhibition also includes installation pieces, like the silk worm cocoons and thread. The idea behind this piece is that the action of cutting open the cocoon to take the worm can almost be seen as an act of freeing them from their binds, the actual cut inflicts pain. The installation aesthetically has a sense of serenity and sophistication which is created by the shadows casted by the thread and cocoon, but it represents a painful act which is the paradox of this piece.


So why not take some time from your busy life and let this exhibition lead you on a mental journey to reflect on yourself and what really defines who you are? ‘Promise Again for the First Time’ will be up in de Sarthe Gallery until the 3rd of May.


de Sarthe Gallery:

8/F, Club Lusitano, 16 Ice House Street, Central