La Scala of Royal Plaza Hotel – Afternoon Tea Buffet

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For chocoholics, nothing on earth could compare with a fantastic chocolate buffet, which will make them scream or dance with excitement the minute they feel the enchanting richness and sweetness of cocoa beans. To satisfy a large number of desserts lovers and lead them to the tempting magical food world, La Scala launched their latest afternoon tea buffet with top quality Valrhona chocolate from France as ingredient for different percentage of chocolate, together with a beauty feast of gourmet bird’s nest.

Originated from 1922, Valrhona chocolate combines the French tradition with culinary art for world-class delicacy. It’s famous around the globe for successful category of cocoa by its region and degree, with 35% – 53% standing for the sweet milk chocolate while over 55% for bitter dark chocolate.

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Dulcey Chocolate Mousse with Poached Mango and Bird’s Nest (32%)
Using Dulcey Chocolate at 32% cocoa for a captivating journey, this dessert is made by baking white chocolate repeatedly for an enticing caramel, and then pouring into a long vessel topped with poached mango, edible flower petals, caramel and bird’s nest to capture your heart.

Milk Chocolate Mousse with Salty Caramel and Lemon Cream and Bird’s Nest (40%)
With milk chocolate of 40% cocoa blended with cream, butter and French salt, any milk chocolate fan would definitely fall in love with it. Better still, it’s topped with lemon cream and bird’s nest for a more refreshing taste.

60 mix

Sugar Free Chocolate Ganache Tart with Bird’s Nest (60%)
Mixing cream into the sugar free chocolate of 60% cocoa for a divine molten core, this desserts fits people seeking for healthy diet. The crunchy cookie tart base and the inner creamy texture are perfect match on contrasted taste. The tart is finished with bird’s nest and candy flowers made by sugar, butter and cocoa powder.

Trois with Bird’s Nest (32%, 40%, 80%)
The dream of chocolate connoisseur comes true in this exotic desserts, as it’s topped with dark chocolate of 80% cocoa ganache and bird’s nest, followed by a middle layer of milk chocolate chewy jelly of 40% cocoa and ended with a 32% creamy milk chocolate mousse at the bottom. A fruitful bitterness comes before delightful jelly and honey sweet, of which the rich tastes will surely satisfy you!
La Scala

Chocolate and Bird’s Nest Feast Afternoon Tea Buffet

Promotion period: 1 May – 29 June 2014

Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday  15:15 -17:15

Prices*: Adult $240 Child $170

*Subject to 10% service charge

Reservations:(852) 2622 6154