St. John Opens First Store in Asia

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American lifestyle brand St. John recently announced the opening of their first Asia store in Hong Kong! The new store is located in Landmark, Central covering 872 square feet.  Designed with the St. John in Beverly Hills in mind, the store brings a unique contemporary modern look to the mall.


The glass walls of the store gives window shoppers an unrestricted look for the brands modern elegant wears creating almost like a tourist attraction within the mall itself. The curved edges of the store and the plain colors of the store interior give it a sleek futuristic impression that stands out from the other stores within Landmark.

Store Photo_2

Despite the clean and simplistic colors of the interior, the colors from the brands item gives the store a colorful highlight which will change as the brands new collections are available, creating a never ending change to the stores aesthetics.

Linda Wong 王馨平Aimee Chan 陳茵媺

To commemorate the opening of the first St. John store in Asia, the brand invited many Asian celebrities to celebrate this moment and to formally introduce themselves to the Asian market. The invited guests include renowned Hong Kong singer and actress Linda Wong, Karen Lam, Aimee Chan and many more!


The new store is located in Shop 304-305, Landmark, Central