POLA Collagen 6000

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POLA, seen as one of the three leading beauty brand in Japan, has brought their latest Collagen 6000 for women to look young forever. With the most advanced technology in biology and beauty, the oral liquid selects finest natural collagen from sea bream scale, adds iron ion which is vital for women’s health, and finishes with sour and sweet grape and rose flavor. Drinking one bottle per day, and you can easily get tighter and stretchy skin from the inside out.

Collagen 6000 Single BottleCollagen is fundamental to our body as not only does it accounts for 90% of our dermal tissues, but it works as main liquid part of our corneas and eyeballs which helps protect eyes from virus and bacteria invasion. In addition, it maintains the flexibility of our blood vessel, and can help strengthen bones.

Containing 6000mg supreme collagen per bottle, Collagen 6000 choses sea bream instead of others in that the lower body temperature of fish makes its collagen easier for people to absorb. Besides, molecules in Collagen 6000 is only one tenth the size of normal collagen, making it quite easy to be digested.

Apart from the rich collagen to refresh your body, Collagen 6000 also contains 1mg iron ion and 45mg Vitamin C to help remove eye bag and dark skin. Iron ion, which is vital but always not valued by women, needs being supplemented everyday because diet and menstruation cause iron lacking for female body.

Collagen 6000 directly transported from Japan fits everyday use before sleep. Suggested price HK$360/50ml×10 for one box.


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