Tommy Hilfiger Tailored SS2014 Collection

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look_3_detailsInspired by the road trip adventure, Tommy Hilfiger spring summer 2014 Tailored collection Westcoasting combines traditional sartorial styles with casual relaxed Californian charm. From Monterey to Palm Springs and Santa Barbara, this collection celebrates the natural freest west coast lifestyle where palm trees and orange groves watch you dance while sparkling oceans and rugged canyons cheered up your craziness. Sartorial chic is the style for all pieces in the collection, including sleek suits, textured fabrics, casual chambray, and versatile heritage prints.

look_9When springtime comes and you can feel the breeze, the Heritage Prep fashion group embraces classic maritime style where estate blue, scarlet sage, and snow white create an all-American color combination, as seen especially in sleek stripes. In addition, when night comes, Heritage Prep also provides an amazing eveningwear moment with double-breasted jackets pairing sleek trousers for a crisp and elegant look.

Refined but relaxed, Retro Prep, the second fashion group, looks to the sun-bleached colors of Palm Springs for inspiration. The collection in tones of brown adds a modern statement on the vintage nod.

The third fashion group, Refined Prep, presented tailored, elegant and sophisticated pieces in suits, pants, bow ties, and jackets.


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