ATSURO TAYAMA New ifc Concept Store

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ATSURO TAYAMA has recently opened a new concept store in the luxurious ifc Mall. To bring shoppers a whole new shopping experience, the brand invited renowned Japanese architect, Ito Masaru, to design the new store. His unique and innovative style continuously sets new boundaries earning it the name of Interior Maverick.


The store consists of 2 major elements. Mortar & Stucco are used on the walls of the store, creating a clean, sleek interior which has a heavy contrast with the items of the brand which are seemingly floating in the store.


The other main element is wood. Creating a cozy, modern home impression against the store’s mortar & stucco walls, shoppers will feel warmth, as if they were shopping at the comfort of home.


The new store can be found in Shop 2090, IFC Mall, Central. Go experience a whole new shopping adventure at ATSURO TAYAMA’s new concept store now!