Extraordinary Showcase of Filipino Contemporary Art: New Natives

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New Natives is an exhibition that features 28 Filipino artists held by LIGHTBOMBS CONTEMPORARY. The exhibition will be on until the 30th of May at LIGHTBOMB CONTEMPORARY’s space in Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong. Bringing together both established and emerging artists, the exhibition shows the art scene in Philippines, which has entered a golden age with an unprecedented development of the commercial sector complimented by bring artists leading the independent sectors.


The exhibition gives you the opportunity to come in contact to a variety of works created in different styles and media, each with their own message and idea, provoking thoughts and emotions to create a unique experience.


Pancho Villanueva’s series of found objects assemblages in box frame is presented like memories and experiences materialized in a box frame.  At first glance it almost just seems like various objects placed inside the frame in a sophisticated manner. However, if you pay closer attention to the objects you can find finer details like phrases carved into the bones, almost similar to a visual representation of life lessons we learn from our experience which is carved deep into our bones which we carry for the rest of our life.


Constantino Zicarelli’s ‘Beyond Evil’ ink on paper drawings takes iconic Rorschach patterns and places them on to a plain background. Each done by hand, each individual stroke can still be seen in the final patterns which can be seen as intricate details within the pattern. Zicarelli explains that the painstaking act of filling out the pattern has a meditation like effect for him as he was working on the piece. Looking at this piece brings a sense of tranquility which relaxes your mind.


These are only a few of the many artworks you can appreciate at the exhibition. The astounding range of art pieces will surely bring joy to art lovers in HK!




DATE: 30th April – 30th May 2014

TIME: 6PM – 10PM

VENUE: Unit 2B1, 12 Yip Fat Street, Evergreen Industrial Mansion, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong