The 27th Biennale des Antiquaries, the Best of the Best.

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As we walked through the ballroom doors of Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, we were welcomed with a wonderful smile by President of Syndicat National des Antiquaires (SNA), Christian Deydier. His approachable and charming personality left us in awe, his achievements in arts has a phenomenal reputation, but he showed no signs of arrogance and shared with us a wonderful interview experience.


Christian was born in Laos in 1950, where his father was the curator of the Musee de Vientaine. At a young age, he was introduced to multiple facets of Asian arts which lead to a deep interest and strong passion to contribute to the discovery and the splendors of Chinese archaeological treasures. Recognized as one of the greatest leading experts in Chinese archaeology worldwide, Christian has published numerous major reference works throughout his gallery.


Two years ago, at the 26th Biennale des Antiquaries, Christian sold a gold and diamond necklace designed by Hong Kong based Jeweler Wallace Chan at a price of 56 million Euros setting an incredible business record which took the world by surprise. When we asked Christian if he was aiming to break this record, he laughed and said “Who cares about money, it’s all about quality”. He shared with us a story about how some of his customers judge the pieces by its price and not by its quality, and he explains to us that art should never be judged by its price.


This year, the 27th Biennale des Antiquaries will take place at the Grand Palais in Paris from September 11th until 21st 2014. This year, they have reduced the number pieces on display significantly raising the overall quality of the pieces shown. When asked if there is one specific category he wants to introduce, Christian shrugged his shoulders, looking quite confident “We already bring the best of the best.”


After our heated conversation, we were eager to see some of the pieces that will be exhibited this year. Although Biennale doesn’t start until fall this year, Christian shared with us a Biennale USB which gave us some of the highlights that will be shown in Biennale this year. To pay tribute to Christian’s amazing feat of selling Wallace Chan’s gold and diamond necklace at a price of 56 million Euros, we decided to take a close look at some of this year’s jewellery pieces! The first piece that caught our attention was “Tesori del Mare” by Giampiero Bodino. The delicate piece resembles coral reefs with the alluring shades of red that is highlighted by the mysterious thaiti cultured pearls.



Another piece that took our breath away was the White gold earrings by Alexandre Reza. The earring features Ceylan sapphires set beneath triangular diamonds. Decorated with 13 carats of diamond baguettes the piece shines valiantly as the soothing colors of the sapphire brings a sense of composure and tranquility.



Biennale des Antiquaires has been the premier showcase of art and antiques gathered from across the globe by the world’s greatest dealers since the 1950’s. As a must-visit event for the art market for over 60 years, Christian called upon internationally recognized interior designer, Jacques Grange, to recreate the Versailles Gardens in the iconic glass dome of the Grand Palais which fits perfectly with the new Biennale des Antiquaires logo that will be effective starting this year!


Biennale des Antiquaires Public Openings:

September 11th 2014 to September 21st 2014

From 11am to 8pm

Until 11pm on Thursday 11th, Tuesday 16th, and Thursday 18th

Until 7pm on Sunday 21st



Grand Palais, avenue Winston Churchill, Paris 8th


For more information visit the Biennale website Here