Joyce explores the world of art in May 2014

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To welcome the Art Basel 2014 in Hong Kong this month, Joyce has presented a series of inspirational events which bring together the finest talents and creatives from the art world.

The Human Form in Movement Exhibition

Amir H. Fallah
Created by the six art’s world’s most pioneering artists from six different cities, Joyce Gallery features a collection of exclusive exhibitions of their works this month, of which one entitled The Human Form in Movement expresses breathtaking creativity via the translation from unique perspectives of human form to diverse media. Final artworks will be showcased at Joyce’s network of boutiques and galleries throughout May in Hong Kong, China and Paris.

Art Capsul Collection by Stacy Engman

Maike Freess
Founded by art curator and style icon Stacy Engman, ART CAPSUL, a unique fashion-meets-art initiative will follow after the movement exhibition, where five artists envision couture garments that reference their artwork. The show will be available from May 13 to 30 at Joyce Central with a limited edition panels for sale at HKD40,000.

Downtown America Program by Lilkool

Joseph Staples
At Hong Kong PMQ, the newly acquired space for local creative hub of Joyce, artist Josh Maupin will bring a series of his distinctive handpainted murals. In addition, he’ll create a collection of reworked one-of-kind vintage garments.


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