Michael Lau Exhibition IV — “remember-disc·time-table

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Venue08_IMG_2472In time, what should you remember?

Having just turned 44 years old, the godfather of urban vinyl Michael Lau brought 44 pieces of work to the exhibition titled “remember-disc·time-table” to reflect his interpretation of the quotes he believes in and the values of life one should remember during a constant countdown of time in life in a humorous and artistic way.

With everyday life being distracted by this physical and virtual world nowadays, Lau felt that he remembered much less of everything in life, let alone the many great inspirations picked up from various great quotes he favors. So through this exhibition, with images, a more acute way of expression for him, Lau summarized the quotes that not only touch his heart, delight his spirit, but also frustrate him as things he is yet to realize.

Divided in three groups — the wood group, the canvas group and the stainless group, the exhibition uses 2D circular medium to play on the word “disc” in paining while using 3D medium of “table” to symbolize the progression in time as sculpture. It shares what Michael Lau thinks important to remember, and encourages people to reflect on the thoughts and put into action.

The Wood Group (16 Pieces)


Wood has always fascinated Michael Lau as a material from nature as it seems to radiate a sense of time. Using the vintage Danish wood mostly from the mid-century for years of making, this group is considered to be the best to illustrate quotes in that the wood grain shows a relationship with time where he wants audience to remember.

The Canvas Group (19 Pieces)

RDTT-news15 RDTT-news11
Containing both pencil illustration and acrylic illustration in black/white/grey color blend, this group without colors is like looking back at old pictures that mirror unforgettable memory. Plus, the white canvas leaves the space for reflection.

The Stainless Steel Group (9 Pieces)

RDTT-news-W17 RDTT-news-TS07
Known for resistance to corrosion and test of time, stainless steel to Lau is a tribute to how time is being eternal. If the wood group is like an analogy to life, then the sculpture will be the analogy to time; the former ephemeral while the latter permanent.


About Exhibition
Date: May 15 — Jun 1, 2014
Time: 12 — 9pm
Location: Michael Lau pop-up gallery, G/F, 6 Cleveland Street, Causeway Bay
Inquiry: 3486 7070