Galtiscopio “Mes Elegant” Collection

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French design concept crystal watch GALTISCOPIO, known for its exquisite 3D decoration watch, has brought its latest spring summer 2014 “Mes Elegant” collection themed after natural essence. The collection boasts feminine elegance with lifelike butterfly on watch, and carries the spirits of dream pursuit continuing the iconic 3D design.

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As a symbol for beauty of women, butterfly leaves people with a light, gentle and vivid image, especially when it dances. Integrating butterfly into “Mes Elegant” watch design to represent vitality and gracefulness, Galtiscopio reminds modern cosmopolitan ladies to cherish themselves and not to forget showing their own charms and dreams.

Colorful butterflies of different sizes from this collection fly along the sparkling ring towards the blossoming flower at the centre of the watch, which uses simple lines to illustrate the carefree of modern women.

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Yet the making of “Mes Elegant” collection is quite complicated. To guarantee the finest quality and appearance, first the watch is plated with copper and platinum into butterfly, and then coated with a layer of crystal by 3D technology. After that, white mother of pearl watch surface and the frame that are surrounded by Swarovski crystals create the sense of space. Three colors white, green and red are available for leather strap to provide more choices to match the spring summer look.

Retail Price: HK$6,680 (Duet) / HK$6,720 (Trio)
Location: V City, LaneCrawford, On Pedder, SOGO
Tel: 2333-3250
(To be launched in June 2014)