Le French May 2014 “French Times in Paris”

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Known for their unearthly romantic setting, France is regarded as one of the top tourist destinations. However, not many people know that it is also the birthplace of mechanical watches around the world. Nowadays, time is everywhere, from our wrist watches, computers, or our phones, our everyday life is time orientated.  The “French Times in Paris” French Clock Exhibition takes you on a journey to discover the rich history of French watch making dating from the 18th century.

28 pendule chinoise_

The exhibition is displayed in 6 different sections starting from Time of History which show the transition between larger clocks that would have been seen in homes of important figures at the time, to smaller portable watches.

68 cartel louis XIV

Time of Regions displays a series of clocks and watches to let you explore France as a horological country. The complexity of the exhibits shows the impeccable craftsmanship of French watchmakers and their pursuit of perfection in horology.

10 porte montres dragon 1870

Time for Fashion shows us the fashion trends that were adopted at different times in history. Once again the impressive details on the small delicate pieces are equally impressive as the complex mechanism in each piece.

64 machine a burin fixe

Time of Manufacturing is an interesting turn from the rest of the exhibition, focusing more on the tools used to make the watch, rather than the watch itself. The vast variety of tools proves again than watch making is no simple task, every part must come together perfectly to create the marvelous time pieces exhibited in this exhibition.


The last 2 sections of the exhibition are Time of Life and Time is Everywhere. These sections focus more on the existence of time and how it integrates with our everyday lives.

08 horloge cheminée XIXeme

Each section tells a small story in the history, but collectively demonstrates the history, traditions, expertise and timelessness of French horology.


Exhibition details

Date: 19 May to 2 June 2014

Time: 10am to 10pm

Venue: Atrium I and Corridor, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City