Marc Jacobs Summer 2014 Sunglasses collection

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Summer is upon us, the time of year where we can frequent the beach and enjoy junk parties with a bunch of friends under the blazing sun.  To prepare for the upcoming summer activities you have planned, you’ll want a pair of new shades to welcome the summer sun. Marc Jacobs’ Summer 2014 Sunglasses Collection has just the thing you need.


Inspired by the sophisticated designs of the 50s, the summer collection takes classic geometric and bold shapes and mixes them with unpredictable color combinations to show off the magnificent blend of materials used.

MJ 532-S 428 BN MJ 532-S 9XM

The classic charms of the sunglasses glow with an elegant flair which reflects on the brand’s unique style.  A short video was shot showcasing the newest frames in a secluded and atmospheric setting that gives the collection that special touch of the brand’s essence and style.

These dashing shades are produced and manufactured by Safilo Group!