Versace Father’s Day Gift Idea 2014

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As we grow older, we tend to spend less and less time with our family, but it is precisely because of that we see Father’s day more important for it gives us incentive to spend a day with our family and show them our appreciation for their continued support. This year for Father’s Day, Versace collection of Father’s Day Gift Ideas presents to you a series of sleek leather goods and men’s accessories to honor the contribution and support your father has given you.

1. Versace 2014 Father's Day Gift Idea - Checker Shoulder Bag and Backpack with Medusa Head in Black

Starting with the bags and small leather goods in their 2014 collection, the coated shoulder bags and backpacks are the perfect gift for stylish fathers! The unique visuals create an eye-catching contrast on the smart designs of the bags, creating a smart formal look which fits many different activities.

2. Versace 2014 Father's Day Gift Idea - Calf Leather Clutch, Card Holder and Wallet in Yellow

Using the best calf leather with the heritage of Versace DNA, the small leather collection is perfect for the modern Versace men. The yellow calf leather goods have a certain charm created from the bold yellow color and the simple design. The calf leather clutch is also available in black or royal blue, for fathers who prefer a more subtle style.

3. Versace 2014 Father's Day Gift Idea - Calf Leather Clutch in Black and Royal Blue

From the Spring Summer Accessories Collection, the Cufflink Collection in Gold and Silver is a fantastic gift to consider. Enriched with the iconic Medusa head, the cufflinks show a form of timelessness like the responsibilities of a parent and the lessons they teach us.

10. Versace 2014 Father's Day Gift Idea - Men's Shoes Collection in Blue and Black

Other suggestions include the luxurious Silk Ties and the calf leather shoes will be a charming gift for your father. The luxurious Silk Ties with Barocco Pattern and the subtlety of the patterns on the Silk Tie with Medusa will fit different business events; matched with the shoes from the Men’s Shoes Collection brings out a classic masculine charm.


9. Versace 2014 Father's Day Gift Idea - Silk Tie with Medusa8. Versace 2014 Father's Day Gift Idea - Silk Tie with Barocco Pattern

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