Father’s Day Delights at Royal Plaza Hotel

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Gifts don’t always have to come in a materialistic form, treat your father to a gastronomic satisfaction. For Father’s Day this year, Royal Plaza Hotel has arranged a series of delicious delights for you to enjoy with your family including lunch, afternoon tea and dinner buffets at La Scala, Chinese set dinner menus at Di King Heen for traditional fathers, and a delightful gourmet cakes from the Royal Plaza Cake Shop for those who wants to stay home and enjoy a relaxed family day in the comfort of home.


The Father’s Day Buffets in La Scala will be available during the Father’s day Weekend (14th-15th June). The Lunch Buffet features fresh flow- in sashimi from Japan and other savory delicacies from around the world.  Delectable main courses including Chinese congee, Grilled delicacies from Thailand and Indian Curry will make sure that no matter what it is you and your family are craving, the lunch buffet will satisfy it!


For the Afternoon Tea Buffet offers diners a fabulous range of bird’s nest desserts. Using top quality Valrhona chocolate from France, the gourmet desserts are available in different percentages of chocolate to further suit the taste of all diners.

Chocolate desserts

Focusing on Seafood and Wagyu beef, the Dinner Buffet is perfect for beef and seafood lovers. If the mixes of traditional and innovative dishes aren’t enough, the wide range of seafood on ice will definitely highlight the night. Freshly shucked oysters from different regions will be in supply in turns for your satisfaction.


In Hong Kong, most Fathers prefer traditional Chinese cuisines for celebration, and to suit their preferences, Di King Heen has specially prepared 2 dinner set menus for you to celebrate father’s day with. Suitable for both small and large families, the dinner set menus includes a glorious selection of Chinese cuisines made with prestigious ingredients. Some of the recommended dishes include Bird’s Next Soup with Crab Coral and Winter melon Puree, Pan-friend Giant Grouper Fillets with Balsamic Black truffle Dressing and of course, a Chinese classic Roasted Suckling Pig with Jellyfish.


Additional Information:

Lunch Buffet

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Afternoon Tea Buffet

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Dinner Buffet

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Prices are subjected to 10% service charge.


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