Palaces on the Seas: The Golden Age of French Ocean Liners

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Before the reign of trains and airplanes was the time of ocean liners. Many of the younger generation won’t be able to image a time without the convenience of modern transportation, “Palaces on The Seas: The Golden Age of French ocean Liners” is an exhibition dedicated to the prime time of French ocean liners back in the late 19th and the early 20th century.


As part of Le French May, the exhibition brings to you an opportunity to take a peek into the golden age of the French ocean liners. The exhibition features over 200 objects such as silverware used on the major French liners, crew uniforms, posters, drawings and ship models made with impeccable details. Through these exhibits, many of which is being shown for the first time in HK, visitors can get a feel of the unique travel experience that these luxurious French ocean liners offer to their passengers.


To put the visitors into the shoes of passengers onboard the French ocean liners, the exhibition has a small corner setup in the same fashion as shuffleboard, which was a popular onboard entertainment!


To give visitors more details of these iconic ships and the experience on board, Le French May and Hong Kong Maritime Museum will be collaborating to present to you a fantastic, fun-filled educational activities during the exhibition period which is perfect for families to spend quality time together on the weekends to have fun, whilst learning about the history of the French ocean liners.


The unique exhibition will be up until August 26th 2014, at the Hong Kong Maritime Museum located at Central Pier 8.


Tour/Activities Info.

Public Guided Tour

Details: anecdotes and entertainment onboard the French liners

Date and Time: Every Saturday at 2:00pm & 2:45pm (In English), 3:45pm & 4:30pm (In Cantonese);

Every Sunday at 2:00pm (In English), 3:45pm & 4:30pm (In Cantonese)

Registration: Online registration can be done on:


Private Guided Tours

Fee: $500 (max. 25 persons) but free participation for school groups on advanced request

Registration: Please email the preferred guided tour date, participant name and contact number to


Family Tours

Don’t miss the chance to meet a ‘crew member’ and find out about children on board a French liner. Great fun for the entire family!

Date: Every Sunday (between 28 May to 26 August)

Time: 2:45pm (In Cantonese)

Registration: Online registration can be done on:


DIY Cruise Postcard

Before the Internet travellers sent many more hand-written postcards from the places they visited.  Try out this traditional way of sending your greetings by designing, illustrating, writing and posting your own postcard about the highlights on a cruise.

Date and time: Available during exhibition opening times.

Free with Museum entrance ticket*.


Workshop: Design Your Own Luxury Cruise Cabin

Explore your creativity with local artist Sharon Cheung and create a miniature cruise cabin to take home in the style of the golden age of French passenger liners.

Date: Selected Sunday (15 & 29 June; 6, 13, 20, & 27 July; 3, 10, 17 & 24 August)

Time: 3 sessions per day at 2:00pm, 3:00pm and 4:00pm

Registration: Please email the preferred workshop date, participant name and contact number to