Cabinet de Curiosities

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Every year, Le French May introduces a wide variety of French Culture, Products, Traditions, and History for the people in Hong Kong to experience and to learn more about France in general. From May 29th until June 7th, at the Oval Atrium of IFC Mall, Cabinet de Curiosities will bring to you the finest EPV French Craftsmanship. From Jewelry, Furniture, Photographs, and Fashion, the exhibition will bring to you the finest and most unique French brands!

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But what is EPV? The Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) is a label that is given to certain companies, it translate to “Living Heritage Company”. Set up in 2006 by the French government, the EPV label is a mark that recognizes a company’s rich traditions, exceptional artisanal and industrial expertise.

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The unique layout of the exhibition highlights the individual qualities of each brand and their products. The handpicked exhibits, from the 9 renowned French brands, come together to create a magnificent display radiating in awe. The clever use of the lighting casts intriguing shadows which complements the fine details of each exhibit displayed.


The exhibiting brands include: Chaudrolux, Coquet, Gerbe, Hetel du Palais, Ornalys, Jean Rousseau, Picto, Sophie Hallette and Waskoll. Each unique in their own way, the products tell a different story representing the brands history and craftsmanship. The exhibition gives you the chance to further understand the know-how and discover the story behind the traditions of each of the esteemed brands! The most satisfying part of this exhibition is the journey of discovering the brands and their product, which cannot fully be expressed through words alone. The exhibition will only be up until the 7th of June, don’t miss out!


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