Maison Corthay New Harbour City Store

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Maison Corthay has recently opened a new store Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui. The new store features a warm homely impression, with the wooden furniture and warm lighting which highlights the classic style of the items the store carries.


The subtle modern touches of bold colors give the store a sense of modern urban lifestyle. The small detail in the store reflects on the brands style which features small subtle details on the product which catches the unaware off guard.


The deeper part of the store can be used as a private shopping area for customers who feel more comfortable shopping in a personal area. To recreate the comfort of shopping at home, the private shopping area has a welcoming couch and a vibrant rug that softly welcomes you into the brands unique style.


The new store in Harbour City will be carrying the brands FW 2014 collection. The silhouette of the shoes in this collection has a classic style, combined with quality leather to create a sophisticated style at first glance.


The finer details of the footwear shine under the light, revealing different shades and mesmerizing patterns. The store offers a fully customizable service allowing customers to choose which style they want and the colors to match it!


Store Information:

Address: Harbour City, Shop 2230, level 2, Gateway Arcade, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong