Swarovski The Legend of Graceful Swans

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The iconic Swarovski swan logo has been a proof of the brands exceptional traditions and advanced cutting techniques. The brand first paid tribute to swans in their first collection “Love Paradise” back in 2012, in their 2014 Spring & Summer Fine Jewelry Collection, Swarovski launches a new line named “Mini Swan” which spirals around the glamorous silhouette of swans.

Double_Swans_Black_Ring HK$19,700

Taking the elegant silhouette of swans and materializing it with the purest natural gemstones, the new line features dazzling pendants, necklaces, earrings and rings. The delicate ornaments bring out a modern urban charm through the delicate form of the swan and the exquisite diamonds.


The 18K white gold jewelries are contrasted with black and white diamonds, drawing the attention to the radiance of the precious stones. The sharp contrast of these pieces create has a contemporary simplicity that has a certain attraction.

Double_Swans_Pink_Necklace HK$32,000

Symbolizing a timeless appeal and a form of nobility, the pieces in rose gold adorned with pink sapphires and diamonds has an extravagant glamour that radiates luxury. The hand-cut semi-precious stones form a pattern similar to feathers, giving the pieces an elaborate pattern and appeal.

Faithful_Diamond Pendant_HK$27,000

The new line also features 2 pendants in white gold. These pieces have a remarkable air of class shown through the subtleness of the white gold and diamonds. One of the pendants is decorated with rock quartz which adds a cool, charming impression. The other is highlighted with light blue topaz giving the piece a gentle shade of blue that draws people in.

Faithful_Blue Pendant_HK$23,800

These astounding pieces can are available at Swarovski Causeway bay:

Shop 26 – 28, G/F, Fashion Walk, 11-19 Great George Street, Causeway Bay