Yun Yan Fiery Summer Delights

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The summer heat can make things exhausting, treat yourself good and discover the wonders of German Rieslings at Yun Yan Modern Sichuan Restaurant! Head Chef Kenny Chan has put together a special 6 course menu pairing the Rieslings with the rich and fiery flavors of Sichuan cuisines, as well as a Seasonal Menu featuring Veal delights prepared in Chongqing style.

140605 Double-boiled Veal Knuckle Soup in Pot

For the month of June, the 6 course wine pairing menu featuring Beef Tongue in Wild Mushroom Oil, Sautéed Prawns and Scallops in Chili garlic Sauce, Supreme Chicken Soup with Matsutake and Cabbage, Mandarin Fish Slices with Crispy Soybean Crumbs, hand-grasped Lamb Racks and Rice cakes in Wild Mushroom Sauce will have their flames balanced between 4 citric and floral German Rieslings. The unique collision of flavors is truly an innovative culinary experience you won’t want to miss out this summer! For Dessert, the Drunken Chili Chocolate Ice Cream is a fusion between ice and fire, leaving a trail of whimsical delight for the summer evening.


For diners who would prefer other drinks, the six course menu is also available without the wine pairing at HK$328 per person, leaving diners with a fabulous selection of Yun Yan’s specialty drinks such as the delightful Kamquat Soda, the Purble Herb tea and the Tofu Smoothies blended with fresh tofu to put out the fiery touch of the spicy Sichuan cuisines.

140605 Smoked Homemade Sichuan Hot Sausages stuffed with Veal Shank

The seasonal menu filled with Chongqing Veal gourmet ranges from dishes that will scorch your tongue with pleasurable fires of the spices used to prepare the dish, to much more mellow dishes that gently excites your taste buds. Featuring Deep-fried Veal Rolls served with Grenadine and Black Vinegar Syrup, Smoked Homemade Sichuan Hot Sausages stuffed with Veal Shank, Tofu Topped with Spicy Calf’s Sweet Bread and many more! The seasonal menu will be perfect for a heated family and friend gathering!

140605 Deep-fried Veal Rolls served with Grenadine and Black Vinegar Syrup (1)

Price (Per Person): W/ Wine Pairing HK$498, Without Wine Pairing HK$398

Address : Shop 1001B, 10/F Times Square, No. 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong