KIRIN Summer Surprises

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The radiating summer heat is upon us now, nothing is more satisfying that an ice cold glass of beer after a hard day of work. Last Year Kirin introduced the Kirin Ichiban Frozen Beer which well received all over Hong Kong. Sweeping the summer of its feet, Kirin is launching a new product, the KIRIN ICHIBAN STOUT FROZEN BEER”, the Kirin Ichiban Stout is the only stout made with Kirin’s ‘First Press Brewing Process’.

Kirin Ichiban Stout Frozen Beer with blank background

Using their ground breaking technology, Kirin Ichiban beer is shaped into -5C frozen foam which is added on top of the Kirin Ichiban Stout allowing your beer to stay ice-cold under the blazing summer flames. The results of Kirin’s ‘First Press Brewing Process’ and the caramel malt used is the extravagantly rich and creamy full-bodied flavor of the stout.


Kirin Ichiban 2-Tone Beer with blank background

To further enrich the drinking culture of Hong Kong, Kirin has brought numerous popular trends from Japan for us to experience and enjoy. The ‘Kirin Ichiban 2-Tone Beer’ is an example of one of these trends. An innovative mix between the brands popular brew and the stout, the 2-tone beer is inspired by a new Japanese drinking concept, ‘Half-Half’, where the lower half is killed with the Kirin Stout and the upper half is the light glow of the Kirin Ichiban Beer.


Of course, along with the drinks Kirin has especially invited renowned Japanese Chef, Kei San, to design a range of Kirin Ichiban Stout Special Snacks which will be served at Sowelu Dining Bar. The range of limited edition snacks all have one common element, the key ingredient for the snacks is the Kirin Ichiban Stout. Starting with the Clams in Tomatoes in Kirin Ichiban Stout Sauce, the dish replaces the traditional use of sake to cook the clams with the Kirin Stout creating a rich malt flavor that compliments the smell and taste of the clams!

Clams with tomatoes in Kirin Ichiban Stout sauce_01

But if that along with the beer is too much liquid for you, then the Kirin Ichiban Stout Sausages French Hotdog and the German Potatoes Okonomiyaki will be perfect to accompany your drink! The pan-fried saushace is a miraculous combination between minced meat and Kirin Stout, the juicy meat holds a light taste of the Kirin Stout that gives it a unique flavor and smell. Wrapped in a baguette with vegetables topped with Japanese Yakitori Sauce the Hot dog is a fabulous mix of Japanese and western Culture.

Kirin Ichiban Stout Sausages French Hotdog_01

Finally the German Potatoes Okonomiyaki, Using Traditional German Potato (fried beacon, onions, and potatoes with butter) to top the Japanese Okonomiyaki which is fried with Kirin Stout, this creative dish has an incredible texture that melts the flavor slowly into your taste buds.

German Potatoes Okonomiyaki_02

To celebrate the current football fever Kirin is also holding a series premium promotion for drinkers to participate and win wondrous prizes! For more information visit their Facebook Page HERE 

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