Batman 75th Anniversary at Time Square

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Starting June 20th, Warner Brothers and Detective Comics (DC) will join hands to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the massively idolized comic book hero, Batman. To celebrate the 72th anniversary of Gotham’s fabled protector, an exhibition will be held at Time Square, showcasing the many variations of the Batmobile and immense amount of Batman related items over the years.


The exhibition held at the open atrium of Time Square, showing off 3 classic Batmobile replicas for fans to witness the magnificence of the iconic vehicle first hand. A large batman figure will stand watch over the exhibition which will surely drive fans mad!


Inside the mall there will be an eye-popping an immersive 10m wide 3D painting which features the Batman villains we all know and love so much. Life size figures of the 1960’s classic Batman and Robin TV Series will be shown to public, as well as many comic book covers of this legendary series from over the years!

1939 detective comics issue #27 book cover

As part of the 75th anniversary exhibition, scattered around the mall are stamps which shoppers can collect to win an exclusive 75th anniversary Batman coloring book!

TS Batman Exh_Batman stamping card

The exhibition begins on June 20th and will stay for a month, until July 20th. This exhibition is definitely something you don’t want to miss this summer!